XavahDah is a registered high-end fashion brand with a major focus on Quality, Style, Originality, and Usability of our designs. Our philosophy is to “design garments for everyday humans”. This means we design high-quality clothes with comfort, style, and practicality. 
Our clothing range is for both males, females and all age groups with a slogan #forthekulture. XavahDah is primarily a fashion brand but with other interests in Podcasts, Music and Video Productions. We believe strongly in creating sustainable employment, networks and business opportunities globally. 

XavahDah has two meanings: first; it is a common phrase used in the everyday street language which means to “Look Here, See Here” etc. It is pronounced as “Xc ahhh vvvaah”. The second meaning is in Tsonga, it is pronounced as “Shah vahh” , it means “Buy”, Here (dah). 

Many of our clothing and designs such as bags are our original designs and are hand made from inception to a complete working product with labeling and packaging. 
Our Store is in Newtown Junction, Johannesburg. We have sold and continue to sell to international markets such as Japan, Italy, USA, Australia, Lesotho, Angola, and Slovakia, amongst many others. We are available online at Etsy, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and our handle is @Xavahdah.
Occasionally, we do Pop up shops at Rosebank Rooftop Market, Pretoria Menlo Park, and many other ad hoc markets or occasions. 
We are open for business, so please do contact us anytime. 


  1. What do you understand about entrepreneur puzzle? 
    It’s a platform for entrepreneurs and businesses to network and learn from one another. It’s also about creating sustainable partnerships and brand exposure.
  2. What keeps your brand relevant and at the top?
    XavahDah has been officially operating since the second half of 2018. In that period, the company has established many iconic new original clothing designs. Some include the Snoord scarf made from Basotho blanket (formally known as Cougar), ponchos, jackets and sweater tops. We also have a virtual magazine called Ruin Fashion and we are exploring other avenues within media production.
  3.  Are you scared of competition? Please explain in detail
    No, in fact at XavahDah, we embrace competition. The fashion industry is very competitive. The competition forces a business to grow, take risks and innovate. XavahDah invests heavily on Research and Development and innovation. “Positive” Competition allows for a healthy business environment and collaborations even with competing brands. XavahDah embraces this positive competition because we combine the strengths of everyone.
  4. How important is it to know about all the money matters in your business?
    The financial management of XavahDah as a business is a very critical part of processes we apply. We are constantly learning and adapting as we grow and explore other ventures. Financial management is also very challenging because of dynamics of our business change due to the volatility of the fashion industry. Having a structured financial management system helps model our pricing and profitability effectively. Overall, we are financially motivated to ensure that the products we sell are sold at the right price and at the highest quality for our clients.
  5. What should people expect from you in a few years to come?
    XavahDah will have physical stores in different countries across the world and will be known as more than a fashion brand. XavahDah will be involved in various developments such as schools, training centers, creating businesses for SMEs, charities and its networth will be listed on platforms such as Forbes and Bloomberg, etc. Xavah Dah will be a hub for interns, creatives, entertainers, designers, and scientists.