Thabang Lucky Sebowe aka (MC Sbowe) born in Kgatleng a village called Mmathubudukwane in the South pole of Botswana.
Founder of 4 existing businesses in Botswana. Clothing brand,Still water, Mc & Online talk show

Home Brewed is a clothing Brand simply meaning Home Made,
Brewed in such a way that it exudes all corners & Nations.


  1. What do you understand about entrepreneurship as a puzzle? I understand entrepreneurship puzzle as networking platforms in business upcoming & Existing ones.
  2. HOME BREWED! Tell us more about it
    Home Brewed is a clothing Brand simply meaning Home Made, Brewed in such a way that it executes all corners & nnations.
    We focus in networking since it’s the best way to help grow a business . We have a system called JOIN LEbANDLA Leadership2025 a slang! means Family, by joinh this brand you stand a chance of benefiting commission when you resell or refer.
  3. What makes your brand stand out from your competitors or any type of business you can think of? We stand out because we have members in the team that understand the brand and we produce Quality, Clean print, and Embroidery.
  4. How do you market your business? and are you afraid of the competition?.
    Social Media, Radio, Newspapers, benchmarking in expos and events.

    We don’t fear competition and we love the part that we have a vision to the year 2025.,to sell over million merchandise to the year 2025 globally.

    We are using other local online media platforms to market our brand, we pop up in Malls, Festivals,Expos, Outdoor Events to rich more people. We dress most celebrities who have more followers in Social media, e.g, Mlesho, Naisi Boy,
    Vee Mampeezy, Da Naked DJ,
    Emmza, DJ Sbu, Ribcracker to mention a few.
  5. How has social media impacted your business and which platform among the existing ones has generated more clients?
    Social media does help a lot to rich our people easily and very cheap. They are a big change ever since we have started using social media in the business.
  6. What’s your advice to an aspiring entrepreneur and an entrepreneur who has a business idea but doesn’t know how to execute it.
    You know starting is so powerful cause once you have started u are already ahead with that step (start). To start doesn’t need money! to start need Action, Must Act then money will follow. Overcome fear. Connect your self in a circle of successful Entrepreneurs, Find a Mentorship.