Sisanda Sigoxo Gwaqa, the founder of ANAZI Wines hails from the Eastern Cape, the home of the legends in a small town of Umtata to be precise. I grew up in the dusty streets of Ngangelizwe, Khwezi and went to the local schools around there like everyone in my neighborhood. It is needless to say I grew up with less judging from where I come from but also pointless to say because no one really had much in my surroundings. What matters is that I survived, we survived and made something of nothing! To point a few things to prove the survival I’m talking about, it wasn’t until my first year at tertiary that I touched a computer for the very first time in my life. I would sit on the front row in class, not because my hearing was impaired but because the lecturers would only speak English and most had an Afrikaans accent so if I wanted to hear anything I would have to be very close so I can watch the movement of the lips to make up what the lecturer was saying.

When the bug hit really hard, I quit my job and decide to go for something I’m passionate about and I decided to start my own brand of wine and I named it “ANAZI”! People usually ask how I came up with this name. So, when I’m enjoying my wine and my friends and family would ask: “You seem to be enjoying your wine so much, what’s so nice about it and they would say all sorts of things, I would simply respond and say: “ANAZI Niks guys” while sipping on my delight! So, when I started my brand, we were playing around with names and my then 10 year-old daughter said, why don’t you name your wine “ANAZI” because that’s what you always say when your friends ask you about wine, and in that instance ANAZI was born! ANAZI means, “You don’t know, u have no idea! This name goes beyond that, it provokes curiosity. It says let’s sit down over a bottle of wine and get to know one another. As a people we are quick to judge others before we know their stories, what better way to undo that than sitting down and conversing over a bottle of wine, a bottle of ANAZI!