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What do you understand about entrepreneurpuzzle?

Entrepreneur Puzzle is a hub where entrepreneurs share space to support one another, advertise their business and empower each other.
#entrepreneurpuzzle creates a platform for collaboration with ideas and learning. It’s aimed at shaping and uplifting entrepreneurs.

What inspired the brand Gentsu? and your personality?

Being different and coming into terms with accepting myself as I am, being fearless to do anything. Am driven and shaped by the word of God(Bible) which always encourages me that whatsoever my hand finds to do, do it with all your might. I’ve lived all my life through that and hence all the things I do have inspired me to take my self as a brand and not limit myself in any way. Brand Gentsu is about being unapologetic to express how you feel inside to the world.

How do you stand out from your competitors?

What separates me from my competitors is the authenticity of my brand in being personal, it’s about my experiences and future dreams. My brand inspires people and people around me relate better as it represents what they see.

What’s your advice to other entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs?

Never be afraid to try something new and different. Allow failures to mold you and lead you to lessons that will make you a better person. As you progress in your business, keep your eyes on the mark, the drive and the reason for starting that business should be the mandate that drives your enthusiasm to continue. Remember if it costs you nothing, then it’s worthless. The sacrifices you make In the begin will later be rewarding if you don’t give up!

What should the people expect from you a few years to come?

Expect more greatness, my vision is to be a media pioneer through my company and penetrate the media space in every form. So you’ll see me more on TV and radio but beyond that impact people’s lives In our community that’s where my passion is. Am unfortunately one person that is never afraid to try something new, so In the next coming years I will be possessing every opportunity that presents itself to me and also create opportunities I want.

Sibongiseni Abram Gentsu is a young man who is very enthusiastic about life and making a difference in his community and beyond. He is a 28-year-old go-getter from Katlehong who was raised by his wonderful mother Nozipho Gentsu. His father, Gideon Gentsu passed away on the 26th February 2006, when Sibongiseni was still a young child.

So, growing up in the dusty streets of Mandela.  was not an easy ride for this young man. Despite the many challenges he faced he was determined to find ways to overcome and be successful despite his circumstances. Unlike other kids Sibongiseni never wasted too much time playing in the streets but found comfort and purpose at a library, reading and volunteering at Love Life.

Sibongiseni is the last born of 5 and has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. He is totally committed to his family and lives to provide and take good care of them, especially his mother. He lives to be a blessing to his family and strives not to disappoint them, not even for a single day! Being part of a loving and caring family is one of the greatest blessings in his life.

Gentsu Flamboyant Black – Unapologetically and fearlessly classy a fragrance set to change your mood at any given time. Gentsu Lts is proud to introduce this rich unisex scent that anyone can wear. This fragrance embodies one’s attitude towards themselves and humanity. GFB is for any man and woman that believes in being unique and excellently express your self without being scared to be judged and accepted, with top notes such as mandarin orange you’re sure to have a pleasant positive aura all day long.

Launched in late 2019 and reception is been great