My name is Sendra Thembi Masiteng from Dennilton,  i came to Jhb in 2002 and I was  living with a family friend in Diepsloot until I got my own place in Cosmo city to date. Sendra is a mother of two handsome boys and a beautiful girl.i am a Radio broadcaster, actress , motivational speaker and owner of Sendra’s Beauty palace. I am inspired by risk, taking risks is meant to feel scary but overcoming this fear is my way of experiencing new and exiting things.

What’s important about my business is to make people smile and looking good


  1. What do you understand about entrepreneurship as a puzzle?
    Being an entrepreneur is about taking risks.
  2. Sendra‘s Beauty Palace? Can you tell us more about it?
    It was established in 2007. I had to resign from my job to pursue my dreams. I was working as a beauty therapist at one of the leading salons. For starters because I didn’t have the capital to open my own salon I had to sub-let space in one of the salons in Randburg. My dream came true the other day I remember I was on lunch walking past progress house then I saw a beauty salon that was closed during the day. I looked through the window and indeed the place was locked and full of furniture.  I immediately went to the care taker’s office to inquire, then he gave me landlords number.  I called and made an appointment,  (mind you I didn’t have money hey lol) The landlord after explaining everything,  she asked me a million dollar question: how much can you offer? I said ( with confidence )I don’t have money but I want this place. She laughed,  we both laughed,  she then asked to think about this for two weeks. In two weeks she called me to their head office in Sandton when I got there, she showed me a contract. Wow, I was surprised, and she told me that she believes in me and she is willing to give me the opportunity to have the place. She had drafted a payment plan to pay for that expensive equipment on a monthly basis.  That’s when I realized the power of God. Then February 2007 Sendra’s beauty palace had a nice professional place.Then In 2010 Multichoice was looking for beauty service providers and they approached salons around Randburg including mine. I pitched my services and the whole process took about 3 months, then I received a call that changed my life, to be within Multichoice premises. So since 2010 todate, my beauty palace is operating from inside Multichoice premises.
  3. What makes your beauty business stand out from your competitors or any type of business you can think of?
    We try by all means to offer the latest trends and treat our clients with love and respect irrespective of their gender,  religion, and race.
  4. So you do Radio as well, tell us how it links to your beauty business
    MMy radio show is in the morning from 6 to 9 am on Cosmo FM 90.5, then from there, I go straight to be a beauty therapist.
  5. There’s a saying “Business is not easy” what’s your take on that? or what are some of the challenges you have faced?
    Yes, it is true,  it is never easy, you just need to persevere and the fact that I work as a therapist myself it makes a difference. When you come to things that seem to be too big or challenging, too hard, too unfair remember God knows you can overcome them. I sometimes discovered abilities that I didn’t know I had. The challenge that I am facing is therapists who sometimes come late to work or don’t come at all while we fully booked.
    The challenge that I am facing is therapists who sometimes come late to work or don’t come at all while we fully booked.
    Again clients that book and don’t show up for their appointment especially on busy days.
  6. How has social media impacted your business and which platform among the existing ones has generated more clients? 
    Social media is the best advertising platform lately. All the time when I post my work I always get positive feedback that attracts even other big corporate companies. Facebook is being good to me so far.
  7. What’s the most important thing about your business and what can we expect next from you?
     Making people smile and looking good, if a client leaves my palace happy then I know my work is fulfilled.
  8. Most people are afraid to take a leap of faith, so what are the 5 things to consider before taking a business decision?
    1. Have the passion for what you do, don’t open a business just because someone is doing well in it, otherwise, you will get bored along the way.

    2. You need to hire enthusiastic staff, then clients will be happy at all times. When I start this business my main problem was staff as I said earlier on,  but now God has blessed me with good people. I can be home sick or take leave without my mind being at work, or calling time and again to check up on them.
    3. Have a proper budget, preferably save money for your dream business unlike getting a loan.
    4. Stick to your plan.
    5. Listen to motivational talks on entrepreneurship,  attend conferences and talk to other entrepreneurs.