She is a former CEO of Therapeutic Touch Studio, that provides a synergistic approach to addressing both organizational changes and individual-based stress management strategies; now running the company called Mind Retirement Institute, author of Mind Retirement, a book that promotes self-discovery, personal transformation through the process of letting go of self-limiting beliefs and destructive emotions; Founder of a movement called Woman Emancipate Yourself Foundation that aims at emancipating women from mental slavery and one of the most sort afterlife transformational coaches & speakers in her area of expertise!

Her cutting-edge perspective has been featured on television, radio, and in newsprint articles. Puseletso was one of the expert business mentors featured on Entrepreneurial TV shows such as Shift, Making Moves and The Big Small show on eNCA. Puseletso also serves on “We Will Speak Out SA Board” working together to end sexual violence in our country.

She defines herself as a
servant leader as her
purpose is to transform lives.


  1. What do you understand about entrepreneurship as a puzzle?
    I understand that as entrepreneurs we don’t have it figured out, we keep discovering more about ourselves as the business owners, the visionary. We discover and refine our products as we get feedback from our clients and always everything work together for good when you have faith in who you are and the solution you are offering to your target market.
  2. SAICA ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT? Can you tell us more about that?
    Being passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and unleashing their potential, I am part of this powerful organization called SAICA ED, where I function as the Enterprise & Supplier Development Program Manager. This is SAICA(South African Institute of Charterter Accountant) initiative to empower entrepreneurs on their financial literacy, acumen and assist them with their monthly financial management accounts and provide them with Finance Coaching, Finance Bootcamps, and Personal Development interventions.
  3. What makes your brand stand out from your competitors or any type of business you can think of?
    Me as a brand, I am called to help people excavate what is holding them back in order for them to discover who they are and their purpose.
  4. What is Mind Retirement all about? and where can people find your latest book?
    Mind Retirement is a self Actualization process that we all have to go through to find who were, what we are called for and how we can use our skill and talents to better our lives. Reading this book will help you be aware of the self-sabotaging behaviors, the destructive emotions and self-limiting beliefs that HD us back from being the best version of ourselves. I am busy writing the full version of this introduction book. To order the Mind Retirement intro, you can contact us at or 0826899611 and the copy is R150. 00 excl courier fee if outside of Pretoria.
  5. There’s a saying “Business is not easy” what’s your take on that? share your personal experience.
    Whatever you believe is not easy, it is not. I have learned not to give up even when faced with challenges. I now understand that every challenge comes with an opportunity. I take the lesson, I analyze what it is communicating to me and I rise above the challenge while taking a leap of faith to the next step.
  6.  How has social media impacted your business and which platform among the existing ones has generated more clients?
    Social media became my research platform, my product testing, my network platform, the amplifier of my voice, social media is part of my marketing strategy and my communication channel. I have used Facebook a lot and learned how it works so I can use it effectively. It has been one of my major income generators and it is a powerful platform followed by WhatsApp.
  7. What’s your advice to an aspiring entrepreneur and an entrepreneur who has a business idea but doesn’t know how to execute it.
    My advice will be to gain experience from those who have walked that path. Volunteer your time to learn the ropes. Secondly, invest in finding yourself a business mentor and attend business seminars for startups.
  8. Most people are afraid to take a leap of faith, so what are the 5 things to consider before taking a business decision?
  1. Have faith in God to lead the way
  2. Have faith in yourself that you have what it takes to make it and be will g to stand the testing times
  3. Build mental strength and good network around you for support
  4. Build reserves that will afford you for at least 8 months to help you breathe while building your business
  5. Be true to yourself and do feasibility study of your concept


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