Project Description


Who is Thandi Mavata?
Thandi  “Babes weDoek ” Mavata  is a
South African ambitious
– business minded woman with TV production under her and philanthropist. She is passionate about women issue and continues to advocate for women empowerment and teaching women to love and care for each other. She’s a mother of 3.

You have a desire of bringing women together, what inspired that?
Doek on Fleek Lifestyle events are about the celebration of women, our tenacious spirit, our love of self and those around us.
Doek On Fleek is a 100% black female-owned organisation, that prides itself on employing and empowering young females in it‟s staff base.

Doek on Fleek is a Lifestyle, a brand. Why Doek on Fleek?
The aim of the market was to UNITE – CELEBRATE – SUPPORT AND EMPOWER women from all walks of life and dismiss the notion that women don‟t support each other by encouraging them to start buying items from other women, refer, network and explore other business opportunities together in an informal setting or gathering.

Why “DOEK” ? Thandi’s aim was to use the symbolic meaning behind the “African Doek or head wrap” of generational knowledge passed down from grandmother, to mother, to daughter and take thinking back to that of community living where support and togetherness was key. That is how the Doek On Fleek Market evolved in to the movement that we now know as “Doek Nation” today. A flood of women across South Africa started creating small communities in the name of Doek on Fleek and the Doek Nation was born.

What biggest Impact has Doek On Fleek had around the world and what more can we expect?
The Doek Nation Movement has spread through out the 9 provinces of South African and in recent months we have introduced this movement to our neighbouring African countries, namely, Botswana, Lesotho and Zimbabwe. Over the past three years, we have successfully created and promoted this beautiful event that has grown into a movement across the nation.