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Sibusiso Joshua Molimi
The Author of Work through the Barriers to Success 

Who is Sibusiso?

Sibusiso Joshua Molimi is a Blessing, A Christian, A Creative Being, and A Conqueror

Sibusiso Joshua Molimi is a Graduate in a Bachelors of Commerce Business Management, Keynote Speaker on Money and The Mind, Public Speaking Coach and The Author of Work through the Barriers to Success

Sibusiso, The Author of Work through the Barriers to Success
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I can’t always be quoting people. He says this and he said this, what did I say? Mina ngitheni?

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How did you prepare yourself for success and what sets you apart from others?

    1. I have become clear about the mental picture of my desired future and I have kept that mental picture in sight through my vision board
    2. I have studied, understood and internalized the Laws and Principles of Success and this is one of the reasons why I will always bounce back regardless of what I may face or go through.
    3. I have developed a Continuous Improvement Consciousness by always looking for habits, strategies, systems and information that can help me get to the next level in all areas of my life.

I stay true to my highest values.
Dr John Demartini
defines highest values as those activities which you are inspired from within to do. These are activities where you are most focused, consistent, disciplined and fruitful. As a result of staying true to my highest values, I am not envious of other people when I see them flourishing. As a result of staying true to my highest values,  I am full of energy, focused, disciplined, consistent and fruitful.

As an Entrepreneur, What basic principles should every entrepreneur have?

Principle of being customer centered and serving every customer,
regardless of the percentage they contribute to your cash inflow, with respect.

Principle of adaption to change at the speed at which change is taking place in your industry.

What does Lead by example mean in business?

For me, lead by example in business means being a man/ woman of your word. Leading by example is when your words, habits and behavior with regards to business are a reflection of what you expect from those who you work with.

A person’s skills and accomplishments would be the actual indicators of his or her ability, authority and responsibility, so does a title matter? and why?

For me, a title matters. A title establishes and clarifies the responsibility of the individual. Titles in organizations, churches, communities and homes bring order and structure.

Tell us about Ayeye Consulting 

Ayeye Consulting offers premium service to its premium clients when their request, for their conference, a Master of Ceremony or Keynote Speaker on Money and The Mind. Ayeye Consulting offers a premium Master of Ceremony and Keynote Speaker by the name of Sibusiso Molimi who has been in the industry for the last 9 years.

Ayeye Consulting also provides strategies and models that help people become confident and eloquent Public Speakers resulting not just in communication but connecting with their audience.

Change is inevitable, What mindset should entrepreneurs
have when it comes to change management?

Whenever change takes place, Entrepreneurs should ask themselves 2 crucial questions;

1)      How can this change be used to accomplish what the business desires?
2)      How is this change on the way to the end goal and not in the way?

The challenge for the entrepreneur is to write down enough benefits of the change that is happening to a point where they start seeing opportunities in the change

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