Project Description

Malebo Oldjohn -Tsindi

Who’s Malebo Oldjohn Tsindi?

Malebo is a Holistic Wellness Coach who works with the wellness of the body, mind and spirit. I have been accredited as a meditation practitioner and certified as a health and nutrition coach as well as a life coach. I am an author of two amazing books called The Journey and Confessions.

What is fitness and why is it important? 

Fitness to me is taking charge. For many years we have been taught to succumb to things that do not do us any good. Things that have taken away the gift of health that God gave us, now we are exposed to fitness, as much as people see it as a physical exercise, it is more of a mental and emotional exercise. Fitness allows you for a change to take charge of your health and wellbeing. And it is important because it helps you look at life differently, you cannot lose weight and still have the same mindset you had before you embarked on the journey. When you achieve your fitness goals it makes you see how easy it is to achieve any other goal you have set.

How can fitness assist in transforming a person’s mindset? 

As I have already mentioned above, fitness changes the way you look at things. In fitness you need to have discipline, be determined and consistent and that’s basically what you need in your overall life. If you have all these three, you can achieve anything.

Nutrition is important, and it is said that you are what you eat, how true is this, please explain 

Nutrition is important because for our body to function well, you need good nutrition. For our brains to function very well, you need good nutrition, so what you eat is important and has an effect on a lot of things. If you eat wrong, then you will become susceptible to disease.

I believe you eat what and who you are, if on the inside of you (which is your true being) you are in turmoil, then your food choice will be exactly that. And it will show on the outside.
Eating is not as physical as we see it, it is more of thoughts and emotions. So many people who are eating sugar or addicted to it, they are trying to find something that can sooth them and make them feel better. The results of eating sugar will then be evident in your physical body because you will gain more weight but the action that led you to that is more of how you felt.

As a coach how have you been able to keep your clients focused especially during this time where a pandemic has affected everyone?

I always tell my client to shift their focus to seeing the good in that way, they will think good, feel good and do good. They say where focus goes, energy flows and that has been evident in the people I coach.

How was your fitness business affected & what majors have you taken to adjust or adapt 

My fitness business blossomed during the lockdown because
I was able to quickly adjust to the new normal, which online. The business grew to such a point that I have clients from Nigeria and Rwanda. Before the lockdown, my focus was only on the people I could reach, but now I can reach everyone all over the world and get to be paid in dollars.

You are a mother, a wife, a business woman, fitness fanatic how do you balance find a balance 

I always check the first five things that are more important and I give them an hour a day or even more depending on my schedule. Being all of what is mentioned there is bliss and I do it without even feeling like it is a job to me, I feel more like it is my state of being.

How can your fitness programs help entrepreneurs / business people? 

My program helps you take care of yourself and that’s what I believe a lot of business people are lacking.
We are always looking for money, forgetting the most important thing “Health” without good health, you cannot do much.

The money you have can at-least get you a private hospital bed, but it won’t guarantee good health, so as you make money, also take care of yourself.