Project Description

Busisiwe Ntuli
Business Lead @BCN Consultancy | Virtual Assistant

Tell us about Busisiwe Ntuli? 

Busisiwe Ntuli is firstly a newly mom. She is an ardent, wilful and highly driven individual that puts 100% focus on every project she executes. She was born in a small rural village in Limpopo called eNkosini. (Elias Motsoaledi District) She is multifaceted and informed with current affairs, secretariat and project execution and leadership influence.  She is constantly emerging from her humble beginnings and she has overcome numerous challenges faced by individuals from disadvantaged communities. She draws her strength from her observation and experiences to be a solutionist consultant.

What is Leadership and Leadership Influence?

Sometimes we find ourselves reporting to bosses that are bad leaders and there are often held back by myths that prevent them from developing their influence. From my own perspective Leadership is the commitment and willingness to lead or guide people into achieving a specific goal or towards a purpose lifestyle.

Leadership influence, it is the selfless ability and a skill to lead beyond your position or power. We often do not see ourselves as leaders until we obtain a certain position, however effective leadership is social consistency and humanity within an environment. It is about understanding adapting and understanding people’s character to achieve a professional chemistry.

The most effective way to influence others is first to build a relationship of trust. Building trust gives you the seed of influence

Employees don’t leave Companies, they leave Managers, How true is this statement and is it good or bad for business?

I’m afraid it is true, currently there are many people who in that situation not because they chose to but because of their inhuman bosses. At some point in my career, I was exposed to racism in the workplace from my former superior which led me being retrenched. Within that situation I was able to pick up his weaknesses and one of them was lack of emotional intelligence and business communication. It is bad for a business because firstly it loses an asset, automatically productivity and performance of business is affected. It says a lot about the environment as well as the organizational culture the business sets forward. Diversity means everything in business.

What’s the best management advice you can give to an Entrepreneur / Business Owner?

As an entrepreneur is it crucial have a clear management style that will set a tone amongst your staff. Don’t compromise on the importance of innovation and business continuity especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. Business owners are forced to think on their feet and adapt quickly in order to stay relevant in this digital age. Prioritise working with experts and consider collaborations/partnership.

Change is inevitable, How can it be managed in businesses?

The best way to manage change in a business it is to monitor the impact of change. Also to emphasize on planning how to adapt with the inevitable business challenges. Another advice is to encourage an open door policy where all staff have the opportunity to express their concerns associated with the change. Sustaining success depends on an organization’s ability to adapt.

Personal Development is important, correct? Please explain the benefits Personally and Business wise

Definitely, although many might feel like it is overrated. Personal development it is a long unfolding process and defines what is important to you, it enhances self-awareness. It is strange that we are able to do SWOT analysis to our business but unable to such to our personal capacity or wellbeing. This goes beyond hiring staff without knowing their personality type. Business is linked with your skills and weaknesses, this will assist you to be efficient in your business by knowing what to do and what to delegate.

I need this JOB, but I am not happy. What do I do? 

Our economy is declining, before you can possibly think of resigning, ensure that you have 6 months savings that can cover your basics rent, food, electricity,etc. However, the wisest decision it would be to resign when you have found another job. My perspective, this situation leads you to discover your hidden talents and turn them into a side hustle. This will also help you to keep your mind positively occupied.

What is Emotional Intelligence
and how can it help?    

EI is being able to understand your emotions in order to be aware and be able to control them constructively to achieve your desired goals and also to have rewarding relationships. EI helps to better communication, enhances teamwork and mutual support, good management and leadership capacity and increased emotional understanding. You don’t have to speak inappropriately to your staff when they do something wrong in front of clients or colleagues. Also be considerate and protect the professional identity

What Is Business Impact Analysis & Why Is It Important?

It is also known as BIA, it is used to develop strategies for the business to recover in the case of emergency or disruptions. These can include suppliers not delivering, delays in service, etc. It is important because it analyses the operational and financial impacts of a disruption of business functions and processes to a loss of customers or their dissatisfaction and a delay of new business plans.