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Busi Selesho

 Who Busi Selesho?

I am an Internationally Accredited Money Coach, I have been doing this for the past 7 years. My objective is to help people better their relationship with money and help the heal in their past with money.

How do you help entrepreneurs build a relationship with money?

I am an entrepreneur myself for over 11 years and the biggest thing about entrepreneurship is that
you need cash flow, money that makes you money. Most of the time entrepreneur make money but never have much to show for it, entrepreneurs not making money struggle with getting clients, the right suppliers, capital and right partnership, most of the time this is caused by fear of success. Most entrepreneurs don’t fear failure, they start but they don’t succeed. That is what I help entrepreneurs with, to help them see results in what they want to do.

Since the release of money and black people book, how has the impact been among-st black people?

Wow, The book has sold more than 12 000 copies all over the world. In South Africa, I would get people buying about 50 books to give to other people, so this book has really changed a lot of lives. Sometimes I wonder how much more is in this book the way people give great testimonies.


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Book is still on special till tomorrow 😍 Send order to 0612215867 Collect from the office 92 Rubida Street, Lynnwood

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As a successful business owner, would you advise aspiring entrepreneurs to focus on sourcing funding for their business or to start without capital?

I have done both. The sourcing of funds led me to 40 Million Debt, not that I am saying sourcing funds is bad, but if you can starting without capital can be an option. Starting without capital worked perfectly and the business is still doing very well today. What I normally say to entrepreneurs is, if you really want to start with nothing, what you need to get right first is to How make the money to build the business. Funding is not what you need in the beginning and anyway no one would want to fund you if you haven’t made money in your business. START WITHOUT CAPITAL in that way you will learn a lot without loosing much.

How can entrepreneurs, especially start-ups manage and grow their finances?

The best way is for start-ups to invest in their skills, the more an entrepreneur knows how to do something the best way possible, the more they grow their value and people are willing to pay for their services. You must know the value of your work, make sure and know that what you offer is special and your clients will also know that what you are offering is special. That’s how you make money.

Best Money advice you can give that can change a person’s thought on money?

Heal your past money experiences.

This is a very serious issue and a lot of people don’t understand that a past that is not fixed will always mess up your future. You can have the best ideas, but if you don’t deal with the past, it will always catch up with you. I have seen it from myself, my clients and a lot of people. People who are born with a trust fund will not have money problem but those who are from families that lack will always have a problem. That’s my best advise, heal from your past money experiences.