Project Description

Botle Fitness
A Professional Fitness Trainer

Who is Botle and Tell us about Botle Fitness

Botle is Professional Fitness Trainer with a national diploma in sports management from Vaal University of Technology. I was born and raised in Sebokeng by both my parents and have 4 siblings ( My twin sis, younger sis, big and younger brother. I am a mom and wife.

is a Personal Health and Fitness organisation that aims to develop and improve our client’s fitness and overall wellness. The company was founded in 2016.

Our vision  – to create a health and fitness movement where each and every individual is part of the movement.

  • Mission – to provide educational and recreational programmes, services and facilities in order to promote health and wellness.
  • Values – Dedication, professionalism, Excellence, Creativity and teamwork.
  • Our Services – Personal training, Group training classes, Wellness programmes, Health and fitness talks and Nutrition.

What inspired you to start this fitness business?

The love and passion I have towards fitness inspired me to the core.
I used to work 8 to 5 but I was very unhappy and didn’t enjoy what I was doing so I resigned to pursue my passion and I’ve never looked back.

Why is fitness important and what benefits does it have?

Fitness is my driving force, it allows me to challenge myself mentally and physically and do things that I never thought I could do with my body.

Benefits – Fitness makes you feel good and happier, it manages your weight better, Reduces the risk of chronic  diseases, Increase energy levels and is good for your cardiovascular health, just to name a few.

How have you managed to reach your clients across the world?

 I’ve been using Social media to my advantage and it has helped me a lot to connect with the world. A lot of online clients are from outside SA.

What’s your best and worst experience as a fitness icon?

My best experience was being a cover star for Fit Life Magazine and Adidas Ambassador. I can’t think of any worst experiences as a fitness icon.

Fitness motivation that keeps you going everyday?

 Your body achieves what the mind believes.

How has COVID-19 affected your business, and what did you do to keep your Fitness Brand going?

The business has taken a back seat and have made a tremendous financial loss from my corporate clients. All my booked events were cancelled, commercial gym also closed down so I had a huge loss. Again, social media is what’s keeping me afloat,
my online programmes are still running.

What health and fitness advise can you give to all entrepreneurs out there?
It takes time to build anything from scratch especially if you don’t have any financial support, know your why and use that as your motivation when you feel like giving up because it’s really tough out there. On Fitness, Do not be too hard on yourself because change/results don’t happen overnight.

Take your time and enjoy the process, remember it’s a lifestyle that needs consistency and hard work.