18 year old Global Leader Tshegofatso August Modiga-Powers from the developing country of South Africa (better known as Ms President) is a young globe trotter making unprecedented moves, sitting amongst policy makers, giving implementable solutions that apply to different sectors of the world’s political economy. She aspires to be the first President of the United Nations, African Union and the Republic of South Africa.

Lesson :

There is no right time to do the right thing.
Do not wait till things finally get “settled”
before launching to your next level.

The law was made by those who were familiar with it and used that with how far they could see to constitutionalise it. In South Africa, the members Constitutional Assembly of 1990 saw an empowered black person in the future of South Africa and made the Act/Law that will help promote that. The Constitutional Assembly evidently could not foresee a possibility of corruption in government in the Future of South Africa and evidently did not prepare for that , the Constitutional Assembly  evidently did not foresee a probability of a femicide rise in the future of South Africa and again did not prepare for that , but it is here , happening every day. So it is the responsibility of the advocates, lawyers and legal personnel’s of today, to go beyond dealing with everyday cases and use their influence and education to take on a social cause that’s personal to them and work at providing a long term solution which would and could be a reform in our constitution and contribute towards making have a constitution that is truly progressive and has in mind an artificial intelligence, technology wired and a pro-female leading South Africa. We can always amend our laws. That’s the next phase-dispensation of South Africa.

We are working hard to making South Africa the international country to come to, the first world country. Our struggles are different but the same, Rwanda had the genocide, a tribal war between the Hutu and Tutsi’s and have now progressed to be a part of the top ten female leading countries in the world , in unorthodox Africa!? It was once said it’s impossible! South Africa had apartheid, a racial war and we’re not far behind in affording and empowering women to take on leadership positions. America had slavery and racial segregation and were then liberated, years later still have evident racism and white supremacy intrinsically embedded in some white Americans, do I even need to complete my comparison of that with unequal South Africa? Our struggles are the same, so are our victories, globally.

Which begs the question , who’s going to fix our current struggles of non-progressive education systems , patriarchy , misogyny , spoon feeding government , corrupt government , old government ,early child marriage , girl child domestication , access to water and food , adequate exposure to youth opportunities , affordable technology use , girl child genital mutilation , white supremacy , tribal seniority , people with albinism killings , high crime rate , economic racial inequality and I am pretty sure the list goes on.

If not us, who? If not now,when ? #NotTooYoung #NothingForUsWithoutUs this an awakening call to global problems that need globally thinking people, a call to becoming  unapologetically rebellious against systems of anti-progress. It is a call to an awakening of the need for a celebration for the milestones, celebrating Black Excellence is so crucial towards building a progressive continent. Celebrating Black Female Excellence is even more, having being left for last in the socio-political and economic ladder for centuries are generational boundaries we are demolishing every day!

It is important to realise that we are increasingly becoming an integrated world. The dispensation of globalisation has without doubt, become evident in our day. That is the positive aftermath of years of colonisation, wars, genocides, rebellions and revolutions. ..It would be adequate to state that this is what the generation of the 1800s to 1900s prayed for, hoped for and died for.

However, it would be disappointingly ignorant for a young person who is supposed to be educated and in that sense, conscious of the world around him to simply accept this narrative –that everything we need is on its way, that we’ve been privileged collectively as the human race to be empowered and equipped with the tools to achieve and everyone is his brother’s keeper and we should all hold hands and sing “kumbaya”.If you this person is you and if and if this was a drama scene , I would at this point click both my hands and tell you to : “Snap out of that fantasy world , snap out real fast because *newsflash *, you have some catching up to do!”


As Professor Oliver from Havard University said: “As the needs of society changes, so must be the way of doing things.” I will add to that and state that with each dispensation , comes a different set of struggles; socially , politically and economically, the scenario above is the ideal world we want , but we must be conscious of the fact that we’re not there just yet , psychology tell us the first step of progress is acceptance. That means – that there is work to still do and must not stop until this finally materialises. It is not going to go away if you ignore it, it is not going to go away, if you we to look at the origin of colonisation in South Africa, history tell us that its intention was to merely segregate and make liveable places for the settlers in the 1600s but because it was not addressed and thought through correctly and side-lined, it then evolved to apartheid, which encapsulated a lot of blood, hate and deaths and who knows, generational racial displacements. Apartheid was the legalised white rage to years of irritation to the rightful natural retaliation of the black society who’s known Africa as his home.

This is one of many lessons history should teach us, to address incongruence, head first, with ethics and morals as the constant. Speaking of legalisation – the law, the law is not always right and I believe it should be one of the supreme fragments of society that needs reform. In some country in the world, it was once legal to dehumanise, belittle, intimidate and atrociously kill another human being because he was not of your race, creed, class, religion or tribe, it was seen as ethical and heroic to do these things for the pursuit of power and influence – This was endorsed in the eyes of the law back then. It (the law) was then conveniently changed during phase of renormalizing peace and rebuilding .Ironic how the law is supposed to avoid anarchy, but it instead created it.