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My name is Lerato Rammushi, I am originally from Klipgat but currently residing in Soshanguve, Gauteng. I have always loved Business because of the background at Home. My Grandparents own a Transport Business, so Business was instilled in me from a very young age. However, what inspired me to start Tee Boutique was my love for Statement T-Shirts, I love the fact that they could speak before I do and are fashionable in and out of season. It all started with Tee’s I made for myself, realized how much people loved them, I then decided to just go for it; since I’ve started so many Businesses before that failed, I didn’t imagine this going as big as it is now.


  1. What do you understand about entrepreneurship as a puzzle? 
    Entrepreneurship as a puzzle to me basically means putting pieces of personality, passion, hard work and excellence together for a successful business or outcome of a particular idea. These factors are good ingredients of a good business.
  2. Tee Boutique! Tell us more about it
     Tee Boutique! Hah?! Where do I start? This is a Company that focuses on Statement T-shirts to be exact; hence the name. It is a Brand of its own that specializes in high-quality T-shirts that speak before you do. We have done controversial statements, religious statements and more – we want to reach out to T-shirt lovers of all races, gender, and cultural background. This is our way of bringing people together – offering a Brand that can relate to each and every single African.
  3. What sets your brand apart from your competitors?
    What sets our Brand apart from others is the fact that we are original and we offer the best quality in T-shirts. If there’s anything that our Clients compliment us on, it just has to be the quality of our Tee’s and the print. The other factor is that, we are an easily reachable and relatable Brand.
  4. There’s a saying “Business is not easy” what’s your take on that? share your personal experience. 
    I concur with that saying, Business is indeed the hardest journey one can embark on. Like life, it has its highs and lows, and it’s lows are really low, haha. In Business, you’re guaranteed to face challenges because everything is seasonal, it is not always going to be Summer; Winter is going to come too – that’s where most quit. I’ve had times where I wanted to quit too!
  5. How has social media impacted your business and which platform among the existing ones has generated more clients?
    Like I always say, I don’t think my Business would still exist if it wasn’t for Social Media. I’ve used Facebook, Instagram & Twitter as my Online Store and that’s just it. Instagram, I must say, has generated the most clients – people I’ve never even met! That’s the amazing part of the Business, using Social Media Platforms in a positive way.

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  1. Do you think we have enough Women Entrepreneurs in South Africa, please explain in detail
    A lot of women are growing into the Business industry; however, we can never have enough, we still need more who will embark on this journey of Entrepreneurship. It is not a walk for everyone but if we had more women who will be fearless enough not to just start Businesses but support others who are, the world would be such a better place.
  2. How do you manage your finances in your business?
    Finances are such a difficult topic in most Businesses because we fail to separate personal and business money. We have learned the art to separate the two thus able to re-invest the profit back into the Business. We are not yet financially stable as a Business, but we are slowly walking there.
  3. What’s your advice to an aspiring entrepreneur and an entrepreneur who has a business idea but doesn’t know how to execute it. 
    My advice is – “Just go for it because if you do not, someone else will. And that will haunt you for the rest of your life!”. The best way to know about something is to research on it, plan and just do it despite everything! Start where you are with what you have, and you’ll learn as you go. That’s just it!
  4. Where you ever discouraged by people about your business idea? and how did you overcome that
    Yes, I was. Countless times! I was told “it’s just T-shirts, they’ve been there and they’ll always be there! What do you think you can do differently?” Hah! Little did they know how resilient I am towards negativity. The more you try to put me down is the more I want to rise. Business is not for the faint-hearted considering how many failed businesses I’ve had, but I’ve realized that every time I fall, I get back up having learned something that will help me in my next business idea. I just can’t stop!

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