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Lesego Legwete

Lesego Legwete is a Myriad Master coach and servant. Specializing in youth-development and innovative solutions for our future. Lesego uses various tools listed as coaching, consulting, speaking, writing and enlightening interaction. She is in the business of charging lives for a living. Appealing and dynamic, insightful and futuristic Lesego is the bridge between difference and a mediator of relation. She is the founding director of LeakingTomorrow a Social-Development liaison company that partners with businesses, brands and government to mediate between the need and the solution through projects, programs and activations. As fittingly and effective as possible LeakingTomorrow mediates organic solutions that define the sought to value and vision of our country.

Spearing ahead our mantra as an organization, LeakingTomorrow believes that quality inclusion is the most genuine and effective
solution for our future. With the latest OXFAM statistics declaring South Africa the most unequal society in the world, our timing as an organization is impeccable and our services necessary. Conducting a revolution in the current standing state-of-mind of the average South African youth, we equip our growing nation with a self-sustaining ability that encourages stabilised quality growth. Lesego’s approach to change is soaked in her experience as a past failure and criminal. Having encountered numerous challenges in the streets, growing to find her place in the world as an orphan, she was trained by reality. The gift of strength and relentlessness is short in supply and her awareness of this sparked truth to her thoughts, leaving her to understand that the casualties of circumstance count high a number above the conquers of circumstance. The number of youth in our country that can recharge themselves after defeat or encourage themselves through tribulation is sinking and th

e direct result and reflection of our current state as a nation. Lesego Legwete’s highly functional holistic approach is inspired by an underrated theme in today’s youth, ‘responsibility’. Her book, To Want is Not Enough is a firm call for personal responsibility and a reservoir of motivated solution. Shared as the ‘little black bible’ it is a pocket of convenient and practical prose and lessons that rejuvenate the soul and equip our ability in the most attractive fashion.  Relevant and relatable, it is for the youth from the experience of the youth. Collaborating urban culture with development creates a platform of relevance that reaches the different pockets of problems faced by our future. By LeakingTomorrow Lesego Legwete shifts the attitude of change to cool and adds a groove to growth. LeakingTomorrow double taps development and shares a guaranteed method of success.

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