Mzuzukile Soni
founder of BrownSence Group. 

Social media has helped remove gate keeper, and level the play fields for us. We live in interesting times as anyone with a smart phone and access to the internet can do whatever they wish to do as long as they are committed and consisted.

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Entrepreneurpuzzle is an online platform to elevate your business as a brand, an entrepreneur and an aspiring entrepreneur. We have featured different entrepreneurs who are successful in their businesses.

On this feature we have Sibusiso Molimi who is an Entrepreneur and Author. He will be inspiring you about leadership and helping you to stop procrastinating and refocus. Busisiwe Ntuli who is a business lead will be telling us more about Emotional Intelligence. Botle Fitness Brand owned by Botle Kayamba Tladi, She tells us her journey in creating the brand and what it took for her to quit a job and follow her passion. Malebo Old-john Tsindi, a Holistic Wellness Coach tells us more about the transformation of the mind and how meditation can help you channel your thoughts. Ronel Jooste, who is a financial expert will be advising you on why you need to consider putting your eggs in different baskets as opposed to one and how you can save money. The Money Coach, Busi Selesho will be provoking your thoughts and helping you build a good relationship with money.

Women Empowerment needs to be celebrated more, and what better way to do it thus having Thandi Mavata, a South African Ambitious to tell us more about the amazing brand #DOEKONFLEEK.



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