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About Nthabi

Lebogang Nthabiseng Mokgosi is the brains behind iLDESIGNS CREATIVE APPROACH. I am driven by the desire for a better life for myself and those around me. I have equipped  myself with the most powerful weapon in life, Education!

I started my company at the tender age of 22. “There is no substitute for hard work sooner or later you will get what you deserve.” this is a quote I’ve carried with me through this journey.

Tell us more about your business?

iLDESIGNS Creative Approach is a design company that offers branding solutions. My business aims to help brands to have a unique identity, to be able to separate themselves from other businesses, especially competitors. We offer digital marketing as it is the best way to grow your business online.

I have seen what hard work can do & I know what more it can & will do

What challenges have you faced in your business and how have you handled them ?

First of all, business is not easy, starting a business is easy but staying in business is the biggest challenge. The biggest challenge I have faced was to take a difficult decision, and that was to let go of a couple of clients in the business. It was a huge risk which had the good and the bad. A lesson that I took from this was I would rather have few customers that are trustworthy and have a good business relationship than have many clients that don’t pay for their services and that cannot be trusted.

What’s your advise to entrepreneurs

To an existing and aspiring entrepreneur, I started! This means you also have the courage to start. Don’t start a business with the aim of just making money, but start a business because you have a problem to solve. You have to make sure you ready to give your business all the attention it needs, else it won’t succeed.

I HAVE A 9-6

I have a 9-6 Job, which requires my attention and focus. It is not easy the two, but it is manageable.

Tips to run your business & work a 9-6

Be honest to your clients on the turn around time for projects

Invest in devices that will assist you to engage with your clients in real-time

Schedule posts well in advance, to keep your clients informed

Make time to work on your business and find ways to make it better

Don’t give empty promises, deliver quality


“Vision without action is just a dream, action without vision just passes the time, and vision with action can change the world”.


After climbing a great hill, you will find more hills to climb…

As an entrepreneur your first lesson should be learning how to climb the hill. “In this natural world nothing moves until you decide to move”, this is a quote spotted from an entrepreneur selling Doritos and Lays chips on the streets of Johannesburg.




This Mandela Day more and more people got together as one. 2018 marks the centenary of the birth of UTATA Madiba. This is an opportunity to reflect on his life and the time to make a difference.


Nelson Mandela Foundation, Real Talk With Nthabi Foundation and more organizations aims to make a difference in the life of others, especially those young girls who struggle with sanitary towels.


“Snap out of that fantasy world , snap out real fast because *newsflash *, you have some catching up to do!”


There is no right time to do the right thing.
Do not wait till things finally get “settled”
before launching to your next level.

It is important to realise that we are increasingly becoming an integrated world. The dispensation of globalisation has without doubt, become evident in our day. That is the positive aftermath of years of colonisation, wars, genocides, rebellions and revolutions. ..It would be adequate to state that this is what the generation of the 1800s to 1900s prayed for, hoped for and died for.

However, it would be disappointingly ignorant for a young person who is supposed to be educated and in that sense, conscious of the world around him to simply accept this narrative –that everything we need is on its way, that we’ve been privileged collectively as the human race to be empowered and equipped with the tools to achieve and everyone is his brother’s keeper and we should all hold hands and sing “kumbaya”.If you this person is you and if and if this was a drama scene , I would at this point click both my hands and tell you to : “Snap out of that fantasy world , snap out real fast because *newsflash *, you have some catching up to do!”




How cautious are you about germs?
Do you carry a hand sanitizer where ever you go?

Advantages of using a hand sanitizer

  • Applying hand sanitizer takes less time than washing with antimicrobial soap
  • Using a hand sanitizer takes about 15 seconds,
  • Effective in reducing the spread of rotavirus

Refiner hand sanitizer was invented in 2018 by Josia Tiragalo Pitse, to reduce the spread of germs and illness that are caused by lack
of hand wash, it’s quick, portable and convenient hand wash, especially when you don’t have running water nearby. It comes
in a gel form with alcohol based that kills germs on your hand surface.


Is to be the leading brand in the whole of Africa and internationally,and the preferred brand by consumers everywhere.


  • Is to create awareness about the importance of handwash and the use of hand sanitizers.
  • To empower disadvantaged people in the whole of Africa
  • To improve health issues in Africa




Entrepreneur puzzle is a platform where entrepreneurs can get together in one space to engage and get professional insights on elevating their businesses.

There’s power and growth in networking. You can’t do everything in business, which means you need to work with others.

We offer entrepreneurs marketing space online. This is a huge advantage to those who do not have an online presence. We are encouraging businesses to take advantage of the #digitalmarketing space to transform their businesses. We also help you design your business website relevant to the market.

You wish to start a business and don’t know how?
We have experienced entrepreneurs who will share insights on how and when to start.

You have a business but it’s not growing?
We have business owners who will tell their stories on what it takes to get back up when your business is not doing well.

You don’t want to start a business but want to know more about working with clients also being the best at what you do?
We have the right people to help you.