Dineo Molokoane is the founder and director of Shedding Light Pty Ltd, a young business professional with an intellectual climate to back up her incredible love for people development. She’s author of the book: “A New Becoming” – A Guide To Personal Transformation which aims to change the perception people have on themselves and the world at large. She’s also the Host of TV Show: “Phronesis”, a true humanitarian at heart characterized by inimitable AUTHENTICITY, undisputed CONFIDENCE and incredible ENERGY.

Shedding Light’s purpose is to create a world of people who know, believe and live in alignment with their authentic identity, purpose and vision in life. Please tell us more about this.

Shedding Light is a people development company birthed with one goal in mind, to improve the quality of people’s lives in South Africa and Africa at large. Shedding Light’s flagship service is leadership and personal transformation. Through Shedding Light’s services Dineo is able to enhance peoples’ personal and professional experience. Shedding Light’s core belief and philosophy is that true investment is in human capital. One significant way Shedding Light’s aims to do that is through helping people align their minds with their authentic identity, purpose and vision in life. This implies helping people become the authority of their lives.

Tell us the unedited truth about being an entrepreneur 

Oh wow! I love the emphasis put on the word: “unedited”..lol. Well, the truth for me is that entrepreneurship is like life. It has its own challenges and good times too. Since I’m a firm believer and advocate of personal transformation, I utterly enjoy the freedom that comes with being an entrepreneur because there’s always something new to learn, something “new” to unlearn and something new to discover about myself. I cannot survive doing the same thing every single day. So, being an entrepreneur presents me with a perfect opportunity and liberty to fully BE MYSELF! For me it’s not so much about succeeding or not. As long as I’m in purpose, that’s what really makes the journey of entrepreneurship worthwhile. As for the challenges, they’ll always be there and they MUST.

How do you position you as a brand?

The ability to specialize in Personal Transformation has been one of the significant turning points of my business life. It has brought about a sense of clarity and value to my brand especially in the eyes of my leads and clients. Also the release of my new book:  “A New Becoming” –  A Guide To Personal Transformation coupled with years of experiences training people on personal transformation have also assisted a great deal in positioning me as an expert in the field.

Congrats on your latest book #ANewBecoming, without giving away too much, please tell us about the book and where is available. 

A New Becoming is a personal transformation guide that helps people change the way they see themselves and the world around them. It sheds light on the authentic power people possess through their mental awareness and alignment with their authentic identity, purpose, and vision in life. It encourages people to become the authority of their own lives. It’s the human manual people need to learn more about how they are designed to function as human beings.


Why KeleFoko? please share every detail
Kelebogile Foko is an incredible woman who is passionate about boosting women’s confidence through image. Her heart and dedication for the development of young women and her drive to succeed in life is what drew me to her energy field. I’m also quite fortunate to have her as my Stylist on Phronesis Africa and her work speaks for itself. These days it’s very hard to find women who genuinely support and uplift other women especially in business but Kelebogile is certainly among the few women who still believe in the power of partnership and collaboration.

What do you think Women aren’t doing right especially in the entrepreneurship space?

I think a lot of women are selling themselves short. They function way below their potential and are not aggressive enough when it comes to using the power of collaboration to seize limitless business opportunities available to them. It’s about time for us as women to learn to understand, value and utilize the soft power we possess. It’s much needed to shape and build the country we all desire to live in.

What would be your #hashtag for inspiring other women out there?





Please share your most influencial moments with Kele. 

It most certainly was when she joined Shedding Light’s 21 Days Personal Transformation Programme. We connected at a deeper level and our lives have been truly impacted by our synergies both on a personal and business level.

Your work is amazing and we can’t help but admire that about you, how do you manage your time?

I believe my parents taught me very well when it comes to keeping and managing time. From my early days as a young girl, I remember how my father would wake us up early in the morning to do house chores. So, time management became a trait and skill that snowballed to my professional and business life. My belief is that time management is life management, and this enabled me to structure my life in a way which makes it quite easy for me to juggle a number of tasks around in a week yet applying the power of focus each day.  One of the key things I do daily is to plan my week. It really works.

What can we expect from you in 2020? and what can you say to any woman out there, especially who’s in entrepreneurship or aspiring to be an entrepreneur.

Honestly, I don’t know what 2020 holds for me or what I hold for it. I enjoy letting life surprise me. It makes the journey more fun and interesting for me. So, to lots of fun and interesting surprises in 2020

To any woman who is an entrepreneur or would like to be one, always know that when change is self-induced external change becomes your servant. Constantly work on yourself and see your life change blossom into a beautiful flower.

To any woman who is an entrepreneur or would like to be one, always know that when change is self-induced external change becomes your servant.


Constantly work on yourself and see your life change blossom into a beautiful flower.

Creative, self-starter and wardrobe expert, the founder of KeleFoko an Image Coaching Company based in South Africa. Kele as she is fondly known, is no stranger to the image consulting work. Having been a part of the South African fashion and styling industry for almost a decade, she started her career in 2005 at Drum Magazine as a Fashion Assistant where she quickly elevated to being an ‘In House Stylist’, styling their covers and covering the fashion section on the magazine, dedicated to plus sized readers. Having been featured in high end fashion magazines such as “Elle South Africa” as well as “Cosmopolitan South Africa” Kele’s talent and a love for fashion has paved a path for her in the fashion industry. She’s styled various campaigns such as ‘MTV Shuga, Sunlight
Liquid, All Access and several Mzansi Magic PR photoshoots. Currently styling Andile Gaelesiwe who is the presenter and host of the popular shows on SABC 1
“Khumbulekhaya”, Moja Love and Mzansi Magic “Before I Do” also dressing the hosts Lasizwe Dambuza and Kamo Moth on a new TV show called “Voov Scoop” on channel 196.

Kele is now the new In-house stylist for Moja Love channel. She has also styled a wide variety of high profile individuals on request such, as Connie Ferguson, Dr Rebecca Malope, Thembisa Mdoda and The Ranaka sisters, to only to name a few. As a fashion expert and co-owner of a company called Sis And Bro which she owns with her brother Kgosi Foko a List of student studying BA Degree in Fashion Design. The duo has also hosted a number of image consulting presentations, equipping men, women with valuable beauty and fashion skills. They are also involved in various projects both in film/screen and print, styling South African music videos such as Prince Kaybee, Zandile Khumalo & Micasa. Kele also owns a YouTube channel called KeleFoko “Beyond Your Image” where she educated her viewers about the importance of image, she used her platforms to appear on a number of television shows as well as radio such as SA FM, Motsweding FM and Mafisa FM to educate viewers/listeners how to dress for their bodies on a budget. And now moving towards a clothing line, Kele is venturing into reducing youth unemployment by working alongside seamstresses as well as some township designers, clothing line “KeleFoko”

Kele is a multitalented fashion and beauty expert who promises view can add impact to
any occasion. She has gained the go-to reputation in the fashion world as a speaker and
adviser to suite any client’s requirements.