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Chiscloud Technologies is an ICT company that founded by Mr. T Tshisikhawe in 2017.The main aim of stating this company is to simplify operations in both small and large businesses through technology. Chiscloud Technologies also supply Entertainment gadgets for both Kids and Adults

Chiscloud Technologies Specializes in developing software, mobile application, designing websites, supplying hardware and electronic gadgets. It is our mandate to provide exceptional products/solutions to our customers.


Our Vision is to see Chiscloud becoming the best technology company that is making a huge positive impact in the world through cloud technology and supplying exclusive hardware and gadgets over the country.


Providing best solutions through new technology, to ensure smooth and efficient operations.


To ensure the products & service provided is beyond the client’s expectations through dedication, passion and good relationship

Goals & Objectives

Reach our Annual sales targets and increase number of clients. our biggest goal is to market and sell our products all over the world.

Business Philosophy

In Chiscloud Technologies it’s of high priority to keep the Customers happy all the time by ensuring quality products and meeting our deadlines.

To whom will you market your products?

Chiscloud Technologies is entitled to provide Technology Gadgets & solutions to both individuals and restaurants, clinics, saloon, security companies, schools, shops, etc.


Exceptional solutions through cloud technology


Describe your overall industry.

Our Priority as Chiscloud Technologies is to make life easier and fun for individuals, and organizations on their day-to-day activities. We aim to achieve this through understanding customer’s business to be able to come up with the best products/solutions.

Chiscloud technologies all ways look up on the New Technologies on the market to provide the best solutions. Brainstorming and staff trainings is one of the key components we rely on.

Chiscloud Technologies consists of well trained, experienced and certified staff to be able solve customer’s problem. Resources that are used to implement new solutions are of high performance and demand.

Description of a Target Market

Chiscloud Technologies aims to provide solutions in all business areas.

  • Schools-to make it easier for educators to manage their teaching and for learners to learn easily through technology.
  • Small and Large Organizations-to help employers and employees on their day to day business activities
  • Increase Sales and Revenue in organizations
  • Security Companies-ensure the safety and easy investigation on incidents
  • Increase Marketing through websites design and logo designs
  • Supply Hardware and Gadgets to booth individuals and companies


Products and Services

Chiscloud Technologies servers through Applications/Software Development, Hardware and gadgets supply to support business activities and personal use.

Our Services includes: –

Mobile Applications Development

These are the applications that runs on the mobile devices. Mobile applications allow customers to manage their business from anywhere. We are aware that mobile devices can easily get lost or damaged so we provide the capability to all data is stored on the cloud. Our mobile applications can be downloaded and installed from the cloud. Our Mobile Applications can run on (Android, Mac, Windows OS)

Develop Java Web Applications

These are the applications that are accessible on any computer and mobile devices. Web application allows customers to manage their business from any computer. These applications are safe and gives the capability to work from home. All information is safe and backed up on the cloud.

Develop Java Desktop Software

These are the applications Software that are installed accessible on any computer. Desktop are safe and allows customers to manage their business from the computer where the software is installed. All information is safe and backed up on the cloud. These java Applications can be installed on different Operating systems (e.g. Windows 64/32, Linux, etc.)

Website Design & Hosting

We are also dedicated to providing reliable, fast web design & hosting. Our Website are professional, responsive and SOE Structured


We design professional logos, Letterheads, Business Cards, flyers at very low costs. Our packages include transparent Images, High Resolution Files (JPG, PNG).

Support Services & Training

We Provide maintenance & 24/7 Support services on all our services & Products

Hardware & Gadgets Supplier

We Supply Hardware and Electronic Gadgets suitable for professional and personal use e.g. Electric Cars, Bikes, Drone, Games, etc.



153 Cerise Monavoni Centurion 0157

Cell: +27 797976919



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