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 Buile Sarah Mashiane

I am a vibrant, energetic and self-motivated black woman. I do financial education in my circle and it fulfills me as I see transformation in the lives I touch. I currently do presentations through radio interviews, seminars, church events, corporate events and trainings  just to target masses because most of the people in our generation didn’t get the privilege of getting  financial education  at elementary level. This is why 80% of South Africans are heavily indebted and don’t have a relationship with their money.

The objective of this project is to help our society understand the culture of savings, to encourage them to lead a debt free life and to help them to make the right financial decisions as FINANCES play a major role in our lives and are a root cause of all the negativities that can affect one’s life and or marriages.

I am basically encouraging individuals, couples and entrepreneurs to make the right financial decisions for the society to lead a financially free and financially planned life, yes it’s not a microwave situation but we will gradually get to a point where we are comfortable financially in the future.

I believe that one transformed life has a potential of transforming 2 lives in their circle and in the same way a positive change would be activated as the circle would grows bigger in our society with time. I believe in this project as I see transformation and progress. This was urged by my experience as a financial planner in the field for the past 10 years.  It’s real and it’s sad, therefore I believe it needs attention.

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