Amina Williams is a publicist, social media manager, graphic designer and the founder of Willamina Media. Her entrepreneurial journey begun after her time at Orgella Media, and after having worked for other PR and digital agencies such as Kaitoma Creatives, Ndamee Agency and many others. Willamina Media is a PR, influencer marketing and content strategy agency that has worked with the likes of radio personality Daluxolo Jalmeni, MTV Base presenter Ntandose Mosibi and corporate brands such as Go health fitness and Leaderex South Africa.

As a digital expect what advice can you give to an entrepreneur?
During my entrepreneurial journey, some of my biggest realisations is that it’s okay not to have everything put together. On most days, it feels like I’m winging so don’t put so much pressure on yourself just because the grass looks greener on the other side. The key is just to show up and take everything as it comes and build from that as you go. Your journey is a documentation of your authentic trials and tribulations so there’s no right or wrong way to write that story than to simply live your truth. 

Why should we encourage women to collaborate in business especially?
It goes without saying that we are powerful as individuals but influential as collectives and that practically, could see the growth and shift of many things.
The odds have always been against women in society so it is up to ourselves to make the change we want to see. 

Social media! In a few words how can entrepreneur take advantage of it and why?
Depending on what your objectives are as an entrepreneur, social media can be beneficial either to find your next clients or to connect and network with leaders in your field. 

 Are you a hard worker or smart worker? Please explain.
Smart worker definitely! The trick is to work strategically so you don’t have to sweat too much!

Why an Entrepreneur’s biggest Fight is with Themselves

By Amina Williams

Having personally been involved in internships, odd jobs and voluntary work way before I could even step foot into college, it was only a matter of time before the seed of working for myself was planted and implemented into real life! Apart from attempting to be a full-time superhero, a publicist by day and an entrepreneur by night, it’s unfortunately not as glamorous as most Instagram captioned posts of ‘’great meeting, onto the next one…’’. Without romanticizing entrepreneurship too much, one can certainly highlight the advantages, however the untold hardships of it all do exist and often start within ourselves…

Taking the leap of faith is one of the first steps we have to take before facing any emotional or financial challenges throughout the journey. However, most of us will never really understand what getting uncomfortable to be comfortable means because our thoughts and opinions of ourselves rule our decisions. Like the saying goes, ‘’you win and lose the battle in your mind’’ – we’re often consumed by procrastination or the thought of just not being good enough to start. If
Steve Jobs or Tarana Burke were too stuck on whether their concepts weren’t adequate enough for the tech industry or remotely impactful enough to share as a fourth coming movement, the world wouldn’t be where it is today – both digitally and socially.

With that being said, we should look at ‘’success stories’’ as inspiration and not an opportunity to infuse self-pity onto ourselves or intimidation towards what we’re trying to achieve. If we stopped and realized how powerful our thoughts were, we’d never think of negative thoughts period! Sometimes fear keeps us safe and holds us back from living our wildest dreams. The thought of failing or being rejected almost feels like a dagger to the heart but the truth is, you have to see failure as the beginning and the middle, but never entertain it as the end.

Perhaps the lack of experience and financial support are some of the biggest pitfalls entrepreneurs encounter but there’s a greater picture in my mind: in order to be an entrepreneur, one has to work internally to prosper externally and when those two components eventually merge, you have a full operating factory! So the next time you want to think you don’t belong some place or don’t deserve an account you could probably prepare for in your sleep –
stop for a second and pull yourself towards yourself and get yourself out of your own way by acknowledging that direction is more important than speed and that the next level of your life you choose to take will demand a different version of yourself. A version that isn’t afraid to try and fail and knows that success is a choice…