COVID-19 has created a ‘new normal’, so businesses have to adapt. How have you gone about trying to evolve and adapt your business to make it sustainable during these very difficult times? *

As a design agency, most of our business is online, and during covid-19 one would expect design agencies to actually make more money this time and it’s hard for small businesses because more businesses become more skeptical or hesitant to invest in new business / small business so they give business to big companies that have been in the market for longer. So what we saw fit in the business was to do a business session which we titled #LetsTalkBusinessOverCoffee where we engaged clients and potential clients online through online platforms LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Some of the topics includes the high importance of digital marketing, What you need to know when building an online presence, Domain and email registration key points, what to note when designing a website for your brand / business and branding. So, this in a nutshell is us giving free information to our audience and helping them understand the digital space because like it or not this will be the new norm for all business, sadly some business will be forced to close down, but having such conversations it will help people know what to do going forward.