If you are not marketing your business through social media platforms, you are denying your business more clients and exposure.

While others use social media platforms like Facebook to reconnect with old friends or make new friends, business owners, entrepreneurs, companies and various organizations take advantage of social media and market their business.

Reasons why you should consider social media for your business

  • You can do free marketing and advertising on your Facebook company page.
  • Having a company page on LinkedIn can increase your search as Google is able to pick up your business name and services.
  • You get to grow your business using both traditional and digital marketing. Your friends can share and recommend your work to others.
  • Social media is followed by millions of people, so you have high chances of getting sales or business from your target market.
  • Technology has evolved, smartphones, Androids, ios, and other devices are responsive to all the social platforms, so more people are most likely to see your work.
  • #hashtag – using Hashtags on your posts can help you get more leads e.g if your business is to do web design, logo design or branding, in general, you can use Hashtags like #webdesign #logodesign #branding #Ildesigns.
  • You already have Facebook friends, so you can convert them to clients and they can be your first customers.