Small Business is a simple way of saying, start where you are, with what you have.

When is the right time to start?

Most people struggle with this, some start because they see a business opportunity, some start because they have researched on what the market requires, how it works and how they will stand out from competitors.

Starting a business requires time and serious attention, if you are not ready for any of this rather wait until you can invest your time.

Business is about building a good relationship with your clients, which means you need to deliver and produce quality work to your clients.

What you need to know about business

  • Take note of the basic information like registering your business name with CIPRO
  • Mastering your business model
  • Competitors idea vs your idea
  • Invest more time in your busi
  • Learn new things on business and entrepreneurship space
  • Work extra hard in getting clients & keeping them.
  • Business is not easy, you will have your best & worst moments.
  • Your customers are a priority, without them you will not go far.